Nampa Highway District No. 1
Est. May 20, 1911


Roundabouts have become common in Canyon County during the past decade. Even though the public is now generally accustom to them, some questions and concerns continue to persist; most of these are addressed in the videos and brochures discussed below.

Nampa Highway District is planning and designing several new roundabouts. Click on the "Future Projects" tab at the left for details of new roundabout projects at specific intersections.

Educational Videos.  Several educational videos are available regarding roundabouts. Two of them can be seen by clicking on the following links.

Further Reading.
Please see the below articles for more information.

2016 Idaho Drivers Manual - Roundabouts
COMPASS Brochure - Roundabout Guide for Large Trucks & Oversize Vehicles
FHWA Brochure - Roundabouts, A Safer Choice

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