Nampa Highway District No. 1
Est. May 20, 1911

Robinson & Amity Roundabout

Location.  This project is located at the intersection of Robinson Rd. and Amity Rd. on the east side of Nampa.

Description.  The intersection is currently an all-way-stop configuration. The project will reconfigure the intersection into a single lane roundabout. 

Need for Project.  This intersection is currently configured as an all-way-stop. A roundabout in this location is expected to improve safety and mobility for both the Robinson Rd. and Amity Rd. corridors. The project will fit the context of a roundabout corridor for Robinson Rd., which currently has a roundabout at the intersection of Star/Robinson & Franklin, and another planned at the intersection of Robinson & Victory. Likewise, the Amity corridor already has a roundabout at the intersection of Happy Valley & Amity.

Process/Schedule.  The process and schedule for the project is currently as follows:

  • Select a Design Consultant – Keller Associates was hired in January 2017
  • Public Meeting – An open house was held Tuesday June 13, 2017 at Mission Aviation Fellowship, 112 N. Pilatus Ln., Nampa
  • Concept Report – Approved June 29, 2017 (Concept C)
  • Preliminary Design – Fall/Winter 2017
  • Purchase additional Right-of-Way – Early to mid-2018
  • Public Meeting - Spring 2019
  • Construction - Spring/Summer 2019 (six month duration)

News Releases and Newsletters

Newsletter 5-23-2017

News Release 6-6-2017

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Open House Display (6-13-2017)

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