Nampa Highway District No. 1
Est. May 20, 1911

Permits & Right of Way

Permits.  A permit is required to perform any work on Nampa Highway District right-of-way.  This includes adding or relocating driveways. 


Canyon County Development Services also routinely obtains input from Nampa Highway District regarding requests for property development, such as lot splits and subdivisions.  In the case of subdivisions, any new roads to be dedicated to the Highway District must meet District standards, and the subdivision plat must be signed by the Highway District.


Forms. For copies of permit forms and other documents, click the "Manuals, Form & Maps" tab at left.

Right-of-Way. The term “right-of-way” refers to the land on which a road is located.


There are generally two types of right-of-way on which Nampa Highway District roads are located.  These are “easement” and “fee simple”.  For easement, the public does not actually own the land, but has a right to use it for transportation purposes.  Easements make up the majority of Nampa Highway District rights-of-way.  The other type, fee simple (also known as “dedicated”), is where Nampa Highway District owns the land.


Standards & Requirements.  The standards and requirements for permits and land development are contained in the Highway Standards & Development Procedures for the Association of Canyon County Highway Districts.  A copy is available in the “Manuals, Forms & Maps” section of this web site.  You can also find copies of permit application forms in this section.


Right-of-Way/Permits Agent.  Questions regarding permits, right-of-way and development should be directed to Right-of-Way/Permits Agent  Eddy Theil.  His contact information is:


Eddy Thiel

Phone: (208) 467-6576, x253


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