Nampa Highway District No. 1
Est. May 20, 1911

Midland Blvd. & Ustick Rd. Roundabout

Location.  This project is located at the intersection of Midland Blvd. and Ustick Rd. on the north side of Nampa..

Description.  The intersection is currently an all-way-stop configuration. The project will reconfigure the intersection into a single lane roundabout.

Need for Project.  This project is needed to improve safety and mobility. A roundabout in this location is expected to improve safety and mobility for both Midland Blvd. and Ustick  corridors. The project will fit the context of a roundabout corridor for Ustick Rd., which currently has a couple of roundabouts west of the Nampa/Caldwell Blvd. and there is also one planned for the intersection of Middleton Rd. and Ustick Rd.

Multi-Agency Collaboration.  The project is located along the boundary lines of three different agencies and is in the impact area of another. Canyon Highway District No. 4, City of Caldwell and Nampa Highway District No. 1 each control a portion of at least one of the roads that is entering the intersection and the east of side of Midland Blvd. is within the area of impact for the City of Nampa. As a result of this unique situation each agency will be contributing to this project with the Nampa Highway District being the lead agency.

Process/Schedule.  The process and schedule for the project is currently as follows:

  • Consultant - Six Mile Engineering was hired in June of 2016 to preform a concept report for this intersection then in January of 2018 they were retained to preform the Design portion of the project.
  • Concept Report - Submitted October, 2016
  • Public Meeting – Spring of 2018
  • Preliminary Design – October, 2018
  • Purchase additional Right-of-Way – Fall-Winter 2018
  • Final Design - Early 2019
  • Public Meeting – Spring 2020
  • Construction – Spring/Summer 2020 with six month duration
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