Nampa Highway District No. 1
Est. May 20, 1911

Manuals, Forms and Maps


Here you will find our manuals, forms and maps. Please select from the list below to download or view the item you need. These are all in Adobe PDF format.                                                                        
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Miscellaneous Forms

Fee Schedule 

001-Utility Permit

002-Approach Permit

003-Land Split Application

004-Application to Vary Setbacks

005-Application to Vary Standards

006-Event Permit

007-Road Cut Permit

008-Application to Vacate Right-of-Way

009-Application to Accept Road into Highway System

010-Application for Employment

011-Overlegal Permit

012-Adopt-A-Highway Application

013-Release Form for Adopt-A-Highway

014-Underage Release Form for Adopt-A-Highway


2017 Highway Standards and Development Procedures

Nampa Highway District Supplemental Specification


Sign Post Installation and Location Diagram  

 Civil Rights

Non-Discrimination Policy 

Discrimination and Complaint Procedure

LEP Plan


2018 District Map

Sub District Map

Canyon County Highway Districts



































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