Nampa Highway District No. 1
Est. May 20, 1911

Happy Valley & Victory Roundabout

Location.  This project is located at the intersection of Happy Valley Rd. and Victory Rd. on the east side of Nampa, near the east end of the airport runway.

Description.  The intersection is currently an all-way-stop configuration. The project will reconfigure the intersection into a single lane roundabout, which is off-set some distance to the south of Victory Rd. so as to remove the intersection from the airport's runway protection zone (RPZ). See the graphic posted below. No major improvements can be made to the intersection as long as it is in the the RPZ. 

Need for Project.  This project is needed to improve safety and mobility. The intersection originally had a two-way-stop configuration, with Victory traffic having stop signs and Happy Valley traffic having free flow. Under this configuration the intersection was the second highest crash location in the District. The intersection was reconfigured as an all-way-stop in January 2016. This change dramatically reduced the crash rates, but also disrupted mobility of the Happy Valley Rd. traffic. A roundabout in this location is expected to improve mobility on both the Happy Valley and Victory corridors, as well as maintain negligible crash rates.

City of Nampa Collaboration.  The project is under the jurisdiction of, and is being funded by the Nampa Highway District. The District and the City of Nampa are collaborating, however, due to the project's close proximity to City Limits, and the likelihood the intersection will be annexed in the near future. As part of the collaboration, the City will contribute some of the land it owns as new right-of-way, and the project will conform to the City's Long Range Transportation Plan, and meet other City standards., The City is also assisting the District in reviewing and commenting on project design.

Process/Schedule.  The process and schedule for the project is currently as follows:

  • Select a Design Consultant – Parametrix was hired in December 2016.
  • Public Meeting – An open house was held Wednesday, July 26, 2017 at Mission Aviation Fellowship, 112 N. Pilatus Ln., Nampa
  • Concept Report – Approved August 10, 2017
  • Nampa Airport Master Plan Update - Late 2017
  • Preliminary Design – 2018
  • Purchase additional Right-of-Way – Early to mid-2019
  • Final Design - 2019
  • Public Meeting – Spring 2020
  • Construction – Spring/Summer 2020 with six month duration
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