Nampa Highway District No. 1
Est. May 20, 1911


Nampa Highway District is governed by a board of three Commissioners in accordance with Idaho Code Title 40, Chapter 13.


Each Commissioner is elected in a district-wide election, serves a four year term, and resides in one of the three Nampa Highway Sub-Districts. (click on the sub district maps belowThe Commissioner elections are held in conjunction with the general election on the third Tuesday of May of odd numbered years.  The Commissioners from Sub-Districts 1 and 2 were elected in 2017, and the Commissioner from Sub-District 3 was elected in 2015.


The Commissioners serve part time.  They routinely meet twice monthly for regular meetings, and additionally for special meetings as required.  They also typically represent the District in intergovernmental forums, public meetings and at other events as needed.


Sub-District 1
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Randy Noble

Sub-District 2
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Bryce D. Millar

 Sub-District 3
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 Dick Smith



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